5.0cm Normal White Garlic

Red garlic, also known as purple garlic, is famous for its plump cloves, juicy, pungent smell, mashed into mud without changing its flavor. Garlic sprouts and garlic moss are not only nutritious and delicious seasonings, but also good vegetables that people like to eat.

5.0cm red garlic is the most common food in table dishes, which can be eaten raw or seasoned. Its special effects make it one of the top ten best nutritious foods in Time.


So what are the advantages of eating red garlic?

  1. 5.0cm red garlic can regulate insulin:

In recent years, because people’s dietary structure is not reasonable, the intake of selenium in human body is reduced, which leads to the decrease of insulin synthesis; However, garlic contains more selenium, which can regulate the decrease of insulin synthesis in human body. Therefore, eating more garlic in diabetic patients can help to alleviate the disease;

  1. 5.0cm red garlic can resist cancer:

Garlic can protect the liver, induce the activity of liver cell detoxification enzyme, and block the synthesis of nitrosamine carcinogens, so as to prevent the occurrence of cancer. At the same time, germanium and selenium in garlic also have good antitumor effect;

  1. 5.0cmredgarlic can reduce blood lipid and prevent thrombus

Garlic active ingredients can obviously reduce blood lipid, prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis, and prevent thrombosis;

  1. 5.0cmredgarlic can delay aging and prevent lead poisoning

Garlic can delay senility, has better antioxidation than ginseng, and can prevent lead poisoning effectively when people are exposed to lead or have the tendency of lead poisoning;

  1. 5.0cm red garlic can prevent arthritis:

Garlic can “remove rheumatism, break cold wind”, and inhibit rheumatoid arthritis;

  1. 5.0cmredgarlic can prevent cancer:

Allicin and its homologues can effectively inhibit the activity of cancer cells, make them unable to grow and metabolize normally, and eventually lead to cancer cell death, and allicin can also activate the phagocytic ability of macrophages, enhance the immune function of human body, prevent the occurrence of cancer; allicin can block the synthesis of nitrite carcinogens and prevent cancer;

  1. 5.0cm red garlic can be anti-inflammatory and sterilized:

The allicin contained in the essential oil of purple garlic has obvious anti-inflammatory and sterilization effects, especially for upper respiratory tract and digestive tract infection, mycotic keratitis and Cryptosporidium infection. According to other studies, garlic contains a kind of horseradish called “propylene sulfide”, whose bactericidal ability can reach one tenth of penicillin, which has a good killing effect on pathogenic bacteria and parasites, and it can prevent influenza, prevent wound infection, treat infectious diseases and drive out parasites.

China’s garlic has many advantages, so the demand is very high, and it is in short supply in the market, and China’s garlic has also been exported to many countries and regions.

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