5.5cm Normal White Garlic

Garlic is an indispensable seasoning in the daily diet. After adding garlic, food will add a lot of special flavor. In cooking fish, meat, poultry and vegetables, it has the function of eliminating fishiness and increasing flavor, especially in cold vegetables, which can not only increase flavor but also kill bacteria. Every time you go … Read more5.5cm Normal White Garlic

6.0cm Normal White Garlic

In 138 BC, because of the need of military operations, Zhang Qian went through hardships and took more than ten years to dig through the western regions, and brought back this garlic originated in southern Europe and Central Asia. Garlic is a kind of herbaceous plant, flavor is pungent, compare with the small garlic that our … Read more6.0cm Normal White Garlic

China Mixed Garlic 5-6cm

Garlic is known as a natural broad-spectrum plant antibiotic, which has rich nutritional value. Therefore, it is accepted by many people, and its market demand is very rich.The origin of garlic is West Asia and Central Asia. Zhang Qian brought garlic back to China when he went to the western regions in ancient times, and … Read moreChina Mixed Garlic 5-6cm

5.0cm Pure White Garlic

Northerners are bold and straightforward. When they eat dumplings, they put a plate of vinegar and a mouthful of garlic, they will feel very comfortable. Southerners are more polite. They like to dip their dumplings into a dish. Of course, the most popular dish for dipping dumplings is red oil and garlic sauce. So garlic … Read more5.0cm Pure White Garlic

5.5cm Pure White Garlic

5.5cm pure white garlic has beautiful appearance, bright white color, rich garlic juice, fresh and crisp taste, pure taste, spicy taste, no peculiar smell in the mouth after eating, thick skin, easy transportation, and storage resistance. It is well received by domestic and foreign merchants, and its products are exported to England, the United States, … Read more5.5cm Pure White Garlic

6.0cm Pure White Garlic

Garlic is a very common food, which can be eaten raw or used as seasoning. Many people also use garlic to stir up their appetite when they have no appetite. It is understood that garlic has a very rich nutritional value. Regular consumption of garlic can bring us many benefits, garlic has a pungent taste … Read more6.0cm Pure White Garlic

4.5cm Normal White Garlic

Red garlic is the main variety in Ledu area. It was selected from local red garlic by Ledu County scientific and technological personnel after years of purification and propagation. Now it has a planting area of 300 hectares, and has been sold to Japan, South Korea and other places, with an annual sales volume of … Read more4.5cm Normal White Garlic

5.0cm Normal White Garlic

Red garlic, also known as purple garlic, is famous for its plump cloves, juicy, pungent smell, mashed into mud without changing its flavor. Garlic sprouts and garlic moss are not only nutritious and delicious seasonings, but also good vegetables that people like to eat. 5.0cm red garlic is the most common food in table dishes, which … Read more5.0cm Normal White Garlic