6.0cm Normal White Garlic

In 138 BC, because of the need of military operations, Zhang Qian went through hardships and took more than ten years to dig through the western regions, and brought back this garlic originated in southern Europe and Central Asia. Garlic is a kind of herbaceous plant, flavor is pungent, compare with the small garlic that our country produces originally, not only flavor characteristic is bright, and have good dietotherapy effect. So far, the original small garlic gradually reclusive wild, garlic has begun to grow a large area. Today, China has become the world’s largest garlic planting area and output of the country.

Garlic according to the color of garlic skin can be divided into purple garlic, red garlic and white garlic. The garlic cloves of red garlic are medium-sized, even, spicy, precocious and of good quality, which are suitable for garlic bolt and garlic cultivation, and also for garlic seedling cultivation.

6.0CM common red garlic is beautiful in appearance, bright white in color, rich in garlic juice, fresh and crisp, pure in taste, spicy and fragrant, no peculiar smell left in the mouth after eating, thick in cortex, easy to transport, and durable in storage. It is well received by domestic and foreign merchants, and its products are exported to countries and regions such as Britain, the United States and Southeast Asia. The 6.0cm common red garlic is rich in protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B, C, and other nutrients. It is not only a favorite condiment, but also a high medicinal value. According to modern medicine, garlic is hot, ripe, sweet and mild, with slight toxic, It has the functions of insecticidal and dehumidification, warming and relieving food, clearing away heat and detoxification, clearing away evil blood, relieving pain and so on. It has curative effect on the treatment of pain and swelling, swelling, abdominal diarrhea, abdominal cold pain and so on. Raw red garlic is delicious, appetizing and refreshing. It can be seasoned and deodorized by adding meat. Sugar garlic, salty garlic, green garlic and assorted vegetables pickled with garlic all have their own flavor
Specifications: there are 4.0# 4.5# 5.0# 5.5# 6.0# 6.5# and other specifications and standards of garlic, mixed grade garlic, refrigerated garlic, etc, no peculiar smell in the mouth after eating, thick cortex, easy transportation, and storage resistance.

Culture of common red garlic: To prepare the land for fertilization, the land should be leveled before sowing. 4000 kg of rotten organic fertilizer, 35 kg of diammonium and 25 kg of urea are applied per mu. They are turned in with the cultivated land. At the same time, 0.5 kg of Phoxim, 0.1 kg of methyltobuzin, 0.1 kg of Carbendazim and other pesticides are used for soil treatment to prevent diseases and insect pests.

Topdressing: topdressing 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate or 12.5 kg of urea per mu before bolting to promote the healthy growth of plants. Water the first time when the seedling grows to 7 cm, and then the second water before bolting. Water the whole growth period for 3-4 times.

Harvesting of red garlic: garlic should not be harvested too early, so as not to affect the yield. When the leaves are withered and the false diameter is soft, it is the harvesting period of garlic. In the first ten days of July, the garlic can be harvested and replanted. After harvest, it can be transported home in time. According to the size of garlic, it can be divided into grades, one braid for every 40 heads, or one braid for 20 heads, which can be sold after being set up and dried.

With a planting area of 300 hectares, red garlic has been exported to Japan, South Korea and other places, with an annual sales volume of 100000 kg. It has been praised by domestic and foreign merchants and has become one of the indispensable condiments for hotels, restaurants, citizens and farmhouses.