5.5cm Pure White Garlic

5.5cm pure white garlic has beautiful appearance, bright white color, rich garlic juice, fresh and crisp taste, pure taste, spicy taste, no peculiar smell in the mouth after eating, thick skin, easy transportation, and storage resistance. It is well received by domestic and foreign merchants, and its products are exported to England, the United States, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Moreover, pure garlic is rich in protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, B, C and other nutrients. It is not only a favorite condiment, but also has a high medicinal value. Modern medicine believes that pure garlic has the functions of producing spicy heat, ripening sweet and warm, small toxicity, insecticidal and dehumidification, moderate temperature consumption, clearing away heat and toxin, breaking evil blood, and relieving pain It can cure pain, swelling toxin, water vapor, diarrhea and cold pain in the abdomen. Raw food is spicy, appetizing and refreshing. It can be seasoned and deodorized by adding meat. Sugar garlic, salty garlic, green garlic and assorted vegetables pickled with pure white garlic all have special flavor.

Therefore, the pure garlic is loved by people, the market demand is large, and the planting area is large every year. How to plant pure garlic?

  1. Suitable planting time of 5.5cm pure garlic

The most suitable time for sowing pure garlic is to make the plant grow to 5-6 leaves before overwintering. At this time, the plant has the strongest cold resistance and will not be frozen to death in severe winter, which lays a good foundation for the plant to pass through vernalization smoothly. If the seedlings grow too much and consume nutrients before overwintering, the ability of overwintering will be reduced, and they may undergo vernalization again, causing secondary growth, forming double clove garlic in the second year, reducing the quality of pure white garlic. If the seeds are sown too late, the seedlings will be small, the tissues will be tender, the roots will be weak, the accumulated nutrients will be less, the cold resistance will be lower, and the death will be more during the winter. Therefore, the sowing time of pure garlic must be strictly controlled.

  1. Selection of garlic species

It is very important to choose the right pure garlic varieties according to different harvest parts. According to the size of garlic clove, pure white garlic can be divided into big clove garlic and small clove garlic. In order to harvest garlic bolt and garlic, the garlic with large garlic clove was selected, which was mainly Purple Garlic. In order to ensure the yield and quality of garlic, garlic cloves with uniform size and good stem plate should be selected. Before sowing, peel off part of garlic and remove small cloves.

  1. Sowing method of 5.5cm pure white garlic

The pure white garlic can be dried for 1-2 days before sowing. In order to prevent mildew after sowing, the garlic seeds can be soaked in carbendazim for 4-6 hours. In general, the plant spacing of green garlic (garlic sprout) is 2-3cm, row spacing is 13-17cm, and the plant spacing per mu is 250-350kg; in general, the plant spacing for harvesting garlic bolt and garlic is 7-8cm, row spacing is 14-17cm, and the plant spacing per mu is 150-200kg. Reasonable close planting can not only guarantee the quality, but also the output. The sowing depth is generally 3-4cm, too deep or too shallow will affect the emergence of seedlings.

  1. Water and fertilizer management of pure white garlic

According to the growth and development of pure garlic and the characteristics of its fertilizer demand, the mature organic fertilizer (farmyard fertilizer) is the main fertilizer, supplemented by chemical fertilizer. Before sowing and ploughing, basic fertilizer is applied, generally 1000-2000 kg of organic fertilizer per mu and 50 kg of ternary compound fertilizer are required. In general, the top dressing of pure white garlic is mainly nitrogen fertilizer combined with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Nitrogen fertilizer has a significant role in promoting the production of pure white garlic. In general, it can be divided into different stages of topdressing, specifically, it can be divided into green stage, garlic bolt elongation stage and garlic growth stage.

In the period of returning to green, the top dressing is generally carried out when the garlic is growing back to green. Planting green garlic (garlic sprout) generally can be harvested in about 20 cm of garlic sprout, so in the aspect of topdressing, there is no need to test the rate of long-term extension of garlic bolt and topdressing in the growing period of garlic.

It is very important for harvesting garlic bolt to apply fertilizer during the elongation period of garlic bolt. This period is from the differentiation and growth of garlic petal to the elongation of garlic bolt, generally before the Qingming Dynasty. At the same time, pure white garlic also began to expand in this period, so the compound fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer should be applied to promote the growth of garlic. During the growing period of garlic, it is the last time to apply fertilizer before the harvest of pure white garlic.

  1. Irrigation of pure white garlic

The whole process generally needs to be watered 3-4 times, one is to be watered thoroughly after sowing, the other is to combine strong seedling water with pure white garlic to apply fertilizer in the green period, so as to promote the absorption of fertilizer and water; the third is to add moss water, and the garlic bolt will be watered as soon as it comes out of the tip, so as to promote the elongation of garlic bolt; the fourth is to expand the water, and the garlic bolt will be watered after pulling out, so as to promote the rapid expansion of garlic.

  1. Pest control and harvest of pure garlic

Leaf blight, grey mould, root maggot, onion thrips, leafminer, grub and so on are common diseases and insect pests of pure garlic. The same agent should be used alternately to prevent pests from developing resistance.