Garlic Export Prices Continue to Fall

On the most recent occasion, the market for Chinese garlic has changed dramatically, and current China Garlic Price continue to fall. After entering May, a new round of garlic production season will start. The sales manager from Jinxiang County, when interviewed by the Global Fruit and Vegetable Network, analyzed the market operation situation: “Recently, the batch of garlic orders we received, it is expected that the conversion of new garlic will start harvesting in the middle and late May. The delivery period of garlic will also continue until about mid-May. After experiencing the recent cliff-shaped price decline, the garlic price has fallen. Two weeks ago, the garlic price was still 8 yuan per kilogram, and it has now replaced about 5 yuan per kilogram. According to my prediction, the price is likely to continue to fall to 4-5 yuan per kilogram, but based on the situation different from previous years, it is still difficult to make a conclusion. “From the Spring Festival to the same period last year, the garlic price 2019 has been increasing. The price in the same period last year was about 7-8 yuan per kilogram, and the price of garlic has continued to rise.” In general, high prices are not good for exports, because some importers would rather wait. Therefore, now the prices are very good and very competitive, and our exports have increased by 20-30% over the same period last year. Therefore, this year’s global special situation is also conducive to our sales, because some products are more popular because of their nutritional value. Lemon contains high VC and enhances resistance. Garlic and ginger are also very good for human resistance. “