Onion Prices in China Are Under Pressure from The Listing of Indin Onions

As one of the major onion producers, in addition to supplying the local market, China also exports a large amount of china garlic every year. In the past two months, Chinese garlic price have experienced roller coaster fluctuations. In an interview with the global fruit and vegetable network, Mr. Jack analyzed the current status of onion import and export: “In March, when new onions in Sichuan and Yunnan were just listed, everyone was in a state of panic buying, and Indian onions were not listed yet, so the garlic price in March is higher, and now the volume is sufficient. The Sichuan onion season is basically over at the end of April. At the same time, the Yunnan season will also come to an end. The current onion prices have fallen a lot compared to when they were first launched in March, and have almost bottomed out. According to my expectations, the price will not decline further in the next few weeks. Around mid-May, Henan onions will be on the market. ”

According to reports, the current low price of Chinese onions is affected by global special circumstances, and a large number of onions cannot be exported overseas, but can only be digested by the domestic market, which leads to price pressure. According to Jack, another reason for the current low price is: “In addition to being unable to export, another reason is that India’s new onions are on the market this month, and the price is not high. Due to this impact, the price of Chinese onions can only run low. The price is now low, we can still export, mainly to Southeast Asian countries, and have not encountered difficulties. ”


“Now China’s new potatoes are just on the market, and prices are on the high side. After a large number of listings in early May, prices will fall. We mainly export to Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, and some countries in the Middle East. But the price is too high, and many buyers cannot accept it, so everyone is more cautious. May, June and July are the peak export season for Chinese potatoes. The potatoes we sell are produced in Tengzhou, China, which is very popular in the market. We hope to supply potatoes and onions to more countries. “