Onion Sales Are Under Tremendous Pressure

“Before the special situation, our onion industry practitioners have a good prospect in 2020; however, after the HORECA channel closed, the situation has changed a lot. The China Garlic Price plummeted, and medium-sized onions also became cheaper.” Cebollas Lolo ’s manager “The price of large onions has dropped significantly. Garlic price 2019 reached 52-53 cents per kilogram, and now the highest is 14 cents.If the major losses in quality and quantity of early varieties (disease caused by weather in recent months) are counted, the production cost will not be able to make up. In addition, the prices of large-scale onions are also driving down the prices of medium-sized onions whose supply exceeds demand, resulting in more severe Garlic Price declines and great pressure on sales. “They grow early onions in Andalucia from April to May; medium-sized onions from May to August, and also in Andalucia; from August, Recca onions with longer shelf life are grown in Bolaños and Albacete.Although most onions are produced in Spain, when Spain lacks a variety of onions, such as Peruvian sweet onions or Mexican white onions, they will also be imported at specific times. It is worth noting that the company has grown exponentially in the past 4 years. In any case, despite the crisis and uncertainty caused by special circumstances, Cebollas Lolo continues to invest to expand its business, including fresh and peeled onions. “The rapid growth we are experiencing is forcing us to continue to expand our facilities and machinery reserves. In addition to the domestic market, our peeled onions are mainly sold to the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland, where our brand enjoys a high reputation. “The company manager said. Their peeled onion production has doubled in the past year. Fresh onions are mainly sold in Spanish supermarket chains; but they are already preparing for international expansion. “We started to cooperate with supermarkets in the United Arab Emirates, and we are already working on expansion plans with supermarket chains in Europe and Canada.”