JUN 15  2020 stock – China Garlic Price 2020

If it is a cough caused by cold wind and cold, you can take a head of garlic, sprinkle it and sprinkle 5 grams of dried ginger powder, add 100 ml of water, steam for half an hour, remove the residue to extract juice, add 5 grams of brown sugar, and take it at night before going to bed.Chinese garlic suppliers provide reasonable China garlic price and high quality garlic for consumers all over the world. Eating garlic scientifically helps us keep healthy.

JUN 15  2020 stock
product name grade/usage price(yuan/Jin) note
garlic material for peel garlic normal white garlic garlic material for peel garlic 0.77-0.92 Jinxiang,China
mixed garlic 5-6cm normal white garlic mixed garlic 5-6cm 1.05-1.15 Jinxiang,China