JUN 9  2020 stock – China Garlic Price 2020

JUN 9  2020 stock
product name grade/usage price(yuan/Jin) note
garlic material for peel garlic normal white garlic garlic material for peel garlic 0.75-0.90 Jinxiang,China
mixed garlic 5-6cm normal white garlic mixed garlic 5-6cm 1.05-1.15 Jinxiang,China

Poe then asked the Minister of Agriculture about his remedy plan. “We have increased the processing level of onions from the original 85% to the current 10% to 15%, so that it is still possible to increase the land area, including the productivity of the onion per unit area of the country.” Dar said, “For garlic, the situation may be very Difficult. I mean, there is still a long way to go to reach higher output levels, although we have the opportunity to double or even triple the current domestic garlic production of 8%.”China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality. China garlic suppliers operate in good faith. Garlic consumers can buy garlic at ease.