Our Exports of Garlic to Brazil Increased by 50%

“The public crisis that lasted for a month in overseas markets has a great impact on our overall sales. In the short term, the China Garlic Price fluctuates frequently. And in the case of a sluggish garlic export, the Brazilian market stands out. Recently, we went to Brazil’s export volume has increased significantly over the same period in previous years. “Manager Fang said in an interview with Global Fruit and Vegetable Network.

“In early March, when the domestic market was just opened, china garlic supplier concentrated on exporting a large number of goods. In early April, the overseas market fell back, and importers gradually slowed down the purchase rate. As the public crisis intensified in overseas markets,The overall export volume of China garlic has dropped significantly, especially the orders to Europe and North America have dropped sharply by nearly 50%, and the exports to the Middle East and Africa have also dropped by about 20%. In Asia, in addition to Indonesia’s government quotas, buyers still place orders scattered, the number of orders from other countries have also been significantly reduced. The weekly export volume is stable at 8-10 cabinets. This is mainly because, compared with other countries, the demand in the Brazilian market is still high. On this basis, we have expanded sales channels and developed some new local customers. Said Manager Fang.

Manager Fang said, “At present, sales of old garlic are nearing completion, and new garlic is about to enter the harvest season. I expect that when new garlic enters the market in early May, the price of garlic raw materials may decline further. Some customers are currently slowing down purchase speed, wait for the new garlic to be listed and look at the market order. “Domestic garlic has a beautiful appearance and spicy taste, and is well received in overseas markets. “Last year, we exported about 3,000 tons of fresh garlic, and the purchasing potential of the African market has grown rapidly. At the same time, we have seen the potential of the South American market. We hope to continue to expand the South American market and contact more Brazilian buyers.” Manager Fang said.