“Our Output of Dried Garlic Doubled This Season”

With the increasing demand for Egyptian garlic in the market, there is an exporter doubling the output this year, which is definitely good news. This also brought a good season for the company. In Egypt, logistics challenges do not seem to be so common because exporters say they have been able to export their products wherever they want.

The Egyptians are satisfied with the garlic season. Gehan El Sherif said that although the pandemic has brought challenges, it has also provided opportunities for Egyptian fresh produce exporters: “Garlic is close to perfect in terms of demand, and Egyptian garlic has seized the opportunity this season. The advantage makes this season significantly better than last season. ”

Due to special circumstances, many companies cannot continue to export. El Sherif explained that although the company had to slow down, they were still able to export the same amount of products. “The challenges this season are different from usual, because the world is facing challenges brought by special circumstances. Most companies have completely ceased operations, and as far as our company is concerned, our operations remain at 50%. However, we managed to maintain The same export volume, and still be able to send products to distant destinations while maintaining their high quality. ”

“Thanks to our expansion, we have increased our income on multiple farms this season, so the production of dried garlic has doubled this season. Our other exportable products, such as potatoes, white beans, oranges and onions, have produced It has also increased by 50%. The main importers of Egyptian garlic are Russia, Romania, Poland, Croatia and Montenegro. However, for the future, I am looking for export opportunities in South Africa, Brazil, Australia and the Far East. ”

The logistics of other countries have serious problems, but Egypt seems to have avoided this problem. He said that loading the products on board had no problem for them: “We have very few problems with our freight forwarders providing us with containers. Therefore, we have been able to export to any market where we have orders. Distance Nor is it a hindrance. Due to the impact of special circumstances and the suspension of china garlic supplier, the price of garlic has more than doubled this season.China Garlic Price. For these reasons, the market demand for garlic has also skyrocketed and prices have risen accordingly. I believe that in the next few months, the market will stabilize and return to normal. Not only garlic but also any agricultural products will recover, “she concluded.