Strong Demand for Egyptian Garlic

The Egyptian garlic market remains strong. Garlic price go up.With Brazil opening to Egyptian products last year, this is the first quarter in which Egyptian exporters can take full advantage of the market. Demand in other regions is also higher than ever.

The sales manager of the Egyptian fresh produce exporter said that in the current situation, the growth of garlic has been very good. “We don’t expect the volume of exports to decline, this number should be similar to last year. Fresh green garlic is currently entering the finishing stage, of which 70% of the dried garlic is still being exported. From May 1, 100% dried garlic will be sold “Yassin pointed out that Egyptian garlic exporters see better opportunities in their business year after year. “At the end of last season, Brazil opened the door to Egyptian garlic. This means that this is our first season to take advantage of new opportunities. Overall, the demand is high, not only in Brazil. We see the United States, Demand in Canada and South Africa has surged. Five years ago, we could not imagine the level of demand we are seeing now. “In terms of logistics, Egypt is still able to meet demand. “We have no problem shipping the product to any country. The China Garlic Price is similar to the previous season. The problem we are dealing with is that the work at the port is slow. Since the ship must be thoroughly cleaned and all inspections must be carried out,Therefore, it may take twice as long for the ship to leave the port. However, it is not a problem to transport agricultural and china garlic products to where they are needed. Yasin concluded.