The New Garlic Is About to Go on The Market

“Recently, the garlic market has declined. The China Garlic Price decline is mainly due to the recent overall decrease in exports. At present, the inventory in the warehouse is still relatively large, and the market liquidity exceeds supply and demand.”Recently, Manager Zhang said in an interview with the Global Fruit and Vegetable Network.

“In terms of exports, during the public crisis from February to March, our processing and packaging speed was slow and we could not supply to overseas markets in a timely manner. Our china garlic supplier this year has been reduced by about half compared with the same period in previous years. Since March, with the domestic since the situation has improved, the overall export volume has been basically the same as in previous years. As the end of April, as the country entered the busy agricultural season, most of the local farmers in Shandong began to return to the hometown to grow peppers and cotton. The shortage of local workers has caused the processing speed of the factory not keep up. We have slowed down order acceptance and reduced the processing of small packages of garlic, focusing our production on large packages of fresh garlic. ”

When talking about the public crisis that spread to Europe, Manager Zhang said, “At present, we still send about 15 cabinets of garlic every week, and the total of various products is also about 40 cabinets. Shipping, goods arrive at the port, the logistics is still relatively normal. However, the customs clearance speed is slower than before. We are also more cautious when shipping and communicate with customers in real time. ”

Manager Zhang made a prediction on the trend of the garlic market in the coming weeks. “As the sales of old garlic are approaching the end, the harvest of new garlic is about to begin. From past experience, the export volume of garlic will decrease further in the next few weeks. At the beginning of the month, new garlic entering the market will also have a certain impact on the garlic market, and garlic prices may still be reduced. “Manager Zhang said,” This season’s garlic planting area has increased by 25% -30% compared with last year. Garlic is growing well in most production areas. However, the specific yield depends on the weather conditions after the garlic sprouts are harvested. “