There Is A Shortage in The Garlic Market

Garlic has always been considered a natural medicine with antibiotics, and recently even related to the possibility of eliminating special circumstances. As a result, the product is booming in the German retail industry, with orders skyrocketing in recent weeks. Christian Sturmberg from JERSA Fruchtimport has just experienced this increase in garlic demand: “There is definitely a feeling of shortage in Spain and Garlic Price have risen sharply.”

Due to the stagnation of imports during the chinese blockade,Chinese garlic prices are higher, garlic supplier has long fallen behind: “This has led to a sharp increase in Spanish garlic sales. This also makes it difficult for us to buy garlic from other packaging factories.” Now, Spain’s new harvest is coming Coming, the garlic price 2020 may be high.

Demand for all large supermarket chains in Germany has increased proportionately: “You can’t explain this just because people cook more at home. JERSA thinks this is also related to the health benefits of garlic.” Garlic is a natural antibiotic therapy, It is very popular among consumers, while sales of other products (such as Spanish onions) have declined slightly.

The price has risen accordingly: “The producer must study how to meet the demand and must work overtime to supply more, which naturally affects the price. Garlic is usually a more stable product, so compared with the demand, the price increase is still limited.”

At the same time, China’s freight volume is almost normal, and European inventories are still very low. “The sales of solo garlic are still very good. The fresh garlic from Egypt ends a little earlier than other years. Despite a reasonable delay in logistics, the last batch of arrival has arrived. Next week we will focus on Spanish garlic. Currently the weather is not too good, the typical good weather in Spain is now more likely to appear in Germany. “