Today We Talk about The Forming Factors of Gas Garlic

1.Temperature factor:

Climatic factors are closely related to the formation of gas garlic. Special climatic phenomena affect the normal growth and development of garlic. Warm winters and springs can be cold and hot, and overcast and rainy weather can all disrupt the normal growth of china garlic, resulting in an increased probability of occurrence of gas garlic.

2.Regional factors:

Although gas garlic occurs every year, this year’s gas garlic phenomenon is more serious than in previous years, mainly in the Lanling area, because the Lanling production area is located in the transition zone from low mountains and hills to plains, mainly composed of tidal soil and sand black soil. The soil is rich in structure, good permeability, high organic matter, high nitrogen content and other factors, so there are more gas garlic than other production areas;

3.Variety factors:

The occurrence rate of gas garlic has a greater relationship with the variety. Red garlic has a lighter incidence, while early maturing varieties have less occurrence. Lanling garlic production area, the main garlic varieties: Puke garlic, rough garlic, Gaojiazi garlic; The planting area occupies a relatively large area and belongs to a late-maturing variety. It is also the variety that is most prone to aerial garlic. It is relatively hardy. In a warm winter environment, the cold demand of this variety is more difficult to achieve, resulting in excessive growth before winter, so that garlic scales Abnormal bud differentiation, it is easy to form a garlic,which impact on china garlic supplier.

4.fertilization factors:

The ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the base fertilizer is unreasonable, too much nitrogen fertilizer is used, and potassium fertilizer is too little, resulting in excessive nutrient growth, delayed or hindered nutrient return in the upper part, inhibited reproductive growth and affected garlic development;

5.Management factors:

Sowing period is too late or too early, partial application of nitrogen fertilizer in advance or too much, too much fertilizer and water, too large garlic cloves, too thin planting density.

The above is a series of leading factors in the formation of garlic and garlic.

Why do n’t we talk about the increase or decrease of garlic production this year and China Garlic Price, the reasons:

(1) The main garlic in the northern production area is mainly late-ripening hybrid garlic;

(2) After all, it is now the period of maximum vegetative growth of late-ripening hybrid garlic, which has just entered the reproductive growth (garlic rice) transformation;

(3) In the future, the impact of climate, the return of carbohydrates from garlic leaves, the expansion of garlic heads, and the accumulation of dry matter are important for the formation of yield;

(4) The representative late-maturing hybrid varieties at this stage do not have the standards to measure the level of garlic production.