JUN 17  2020 stock – China Garlic Price 2020

“The new garlic export season has begun in mid-to-late May. China Garlic Prices have experienced early rises and subsequent declines in the past few weeks. Now they are showing a slight upward trend. Overall, the market price of new garlic is lower and the quality is significantly better than in previous years. “Ms. Chen said in an interview with FRESH PLAZA. “Compared with the previous season, garlic production has increased this season. This is mainly due to the relatively stable climatic conditions throughout the year, which is conducive to the growth of garlic. The increase in market supply has led to lower export prices, which has further stimulated the purchase desire of overseas buyers. ”

JUN 17  2020 stock
product name grade/usage price(yuan/Jin) note
garlic material for peel garlic normal white garlic garlic material for peel garlic 0.77-0.92 Jinxiang,China
mixed garlic 5-6cm normal white garlic mixed garlic 5-6cm 1.02-1.12 Jinxiang,China