JUN 18  2020 stock – China Garlic Price 2020

JUN 18  2020 stock
product name grade/usage price(yuan/Jin) note
garlic material for peel garlic normal white garlic garlic material for peel garlic 0.77-0.92 Jinxiang,China
mixed garlic 5-6cm normal white garlic mixed garlic 5-6cm 1.02-1.12 Jinxiang,China

From February to In April, due to processing, logistics and other factors, the amount of products available for overseas markets was small, and China Garlic Prices continued to rise. Until the beginning of April, garlic prices fell steeply, from 8,000 yuan/ton, all the way to the recent 2,800 yuan/ton, the weekly price drops by nearly 1,000 yuan/ton.” “I think that the garlic market will be more stable in the coming weeks. Because the prices of growers are low this year, it is difficult to make profits, and they may be reluctant to sell. Storers also choose to store according to the market, and prices will not fluctuate too much. In the long run, I think garlic price 2020 will run at lower prices. The price advantage should increase the export volume and increase the demand for garlic in overseas markets. “