Stock Garlic Has A Clear Downward Trend

Today’s inventory china garlic sales are not good, the market is weak, and there are more sellers in the market who are anxious to sell goods. The sellers have a clear sentiment. The prices in Qixian, Pizhou, Zhongmou and Cangshan production areas fell by one to two cents, and the overall transaction volume was not large.

Henan Qixian and Zhongmu production areas have medium-early fresh garlic alternately marketed. The drying scale of Zhongmu production areas is gradually expanding. The supply of goods is relatively large, and the prices are lower. The transaction is about 0.60-0.80 yuan / kg.

Stock garlic:

The inventory of garlic in the Jinxiang production area is weak, China Garlic Price are falling, sellers are panicking, some stockists are actively reducing prices, and customers who are packing and sending to the market are not motivated. At present, the price of garlic rice is 1.57-1.67 yuan / jin, and the mixed price is 1.87-2.14 yuan / jin.

The inventory garlic market in Pizhou production area is weak, and the inventory garlic sales are not good. Some small and medium-tonnage and poor-quality sellers passively throw goods. Low-priced sales are more common. Customers are not enthusiastic about follow-up. Lower, the price of 6.5cm red garlic is 3.50-4.05 yuan / kg. The supply of white garlic is less and the price is weak. The price of 6.5cm white garlic is about 4.40 yuan / jin.

The stockists in Qixian production area took the initiative to sell at their own price, and the buyers were not willing to buy the goods. They were cautiously pressing down on the price. The market was weak, and there was a slight decline in the price. The price is between 1.80-2.05 yuan / jin. The garlic in the Zhongmu production area is weak, and there are more sellers who are eager to sell. Some stockists are passively giving the price to the seller, and the buyers are cautious in purchasing. The price of the big mixed grade is 1.80-2.05 yuan / jin.

The stock garlic market in Cangshan production area is slightly weaker. The stockists are more active in selling goods. The purchasing enthusiasm of purchasers is not high. The purchase price is low. The market transaction is not fast. The price of big mixed grade is 2.60-2.70 yuan / kg. In the Laiwu production area, the decline rate of garlic stocks slowed down, and some stockists ’shipment willingness slowed down. Buyers’ buying intentions were not high. Some large-spec grade garlic still declined. The general mixed-grade mainstream price was 1.70-1.80 yuan / kg , 6.0cm price is 2.30-2.60 yuan / jin.

Fresh garlic:

The fresh garlic volume in Huangtanqiao market in Pizhou continues to increase, and the price runs steadily. The transaction price is 0.50-0.60 yuan / kg.

Qi County fresh garlic delivery is okay, sellers are proactive in selling, the market demand is generally strong, the mainstream price is 0.80-0.85 yuan / kg.

The market of fresh garlic in the Huaiyang region stabilized, and the stockists began to purchase fresh garlic with the peeled skin into the fresh-keeping warehouse