South African Garlic Prices Rise

Affected by the New Coronary Pneumonia, at present, the supply of garlic in South Africa is limited, and prices are skyrocketing. South African consumers pay high prices for garlic.


The chairman of the South African Garlic Growers Association said that the demand for garlic in South Africa is about 5,000 tons per year. Among them, about 57% are imported. About 85% of South Africa’s garlic imports (usually) come from Spain, because South Africa has anti-dumping charges against Chinese garlic, but Spain is also blocked due to new coronary pneumonia, so Spanish garlic exports are also affected.China Garlic Price.


The head of the main local retailer said that a series of factors have led to the current shortage and high prices of fresh and processed garlic in South Africa. He said these factors also included South Africa ’s own garlic harvest being completed one month earlier than expected; Chinese garlic exports to South Africa were forced to close due to new crown pneumonia; Rand ’s weakness against the US dollar and the euro caused any garlic to be imported It is much more expensive; due to the blockade, South African ports are processing garlic import containers more slowly than usual.


Garlic growers in South Africa are currently planting, or have just recently completed planting, and harvesting should begin in September.